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Challenging skill game

The ‘click’ game is an interactive game, in which the participant has to click (and touch on mobile) several products or images within the time limit before they are ‘eaten’. You can also add products to the game that you should not click on, which will result in a deduction of points. This makes the game even more exciting.

A ‘click’ game activation can be combined very well with offline, where you link a coupon with QR code to the game. This way you ensure that participants can immediately leave their details to claim the prize.


Do the Online Activation Check

To determine the appropriate online activation to achieve your campaign objective, Red Button Digital is happy to help you with advice, examples and figures. Do the check and know within 2 minutes which online activation is the right choice.


Why a 'click' game?

A ‘click’ game provides valuable data

With a ‘click’ game you collect valuable data from your target group. You can use this data to enrich your CRM and get to know your target group better by means of, for example, a quiz or sweepstakes.

A ‘click’ game provides interaction and excitement

Because the participant has to catch as many products as possible with the mouse or finger within the time limit, this adds extra game elements (tension and interaction) to the online activation. This significantly increases the participation conversion.

A ‘click’ game is good for product branding

Because the participant can catch multiple products, you can also process different products or services in the game. Because the participant must consciously check which products are correct, the participant will store these products unconsciously.

A ‘click’ game can be a combination of online and offline

By placing a QR code on your products or handing in a coupon with a code when purchasing, you ensure that offline (shop visitors) buyers can play your ‘trap and catch’ game online, where they can immediately leave their details online. As a thank you, you can link them again with a discount to the webshop.


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