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Get to know your customers

An online code check activation is extremely suitable if you want to gain insight into the consumers who buy your product. If you have a webshop, product or service, you can link action codes (which we can also generate for you) to it.

You can give the codes away when purchasing a product or printed on a coupon at the checkout. Via an online code check you converge the visitor to your goal, such as leaving data for a price, conversion to the webshop with a discount code or review of your new product.

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What kind of code check activations do we offer?

The code check online activation comes in several forms and with different flows. For example, you can check a code like ‘code & amp; win ‘activation, but also as a’ code gate ‘for valuable content behind the code input. See below the most used code check online activations.

Code entry & Win

The participant enters a (product) code. With the correct product code, the participant can fill in a form and has a chance to win a prize. You can also increase the conversion by not immediately indicating whether someone wins something after filling in the code, but moving it after filling in the form.

Code entry gate

The participant enters a (product) code. With the correct product code, the participant gets access to a protected environment. If the participant also leaves her e-mail and name, the participant can download specific items (such as a whitepaper or ebook) or view discount promotions. Somewhat comparable to Facebook’s ‘Like Gate’ years ago.


Do the Online Activation Check

To determine the appropriate online activation to achieve your campaign objective, Red Button Digital is happy to help you with advice, examples and figures. Do the check and know within 2 minutes which online activation is the right choice.


Why a code check?

A code check provides valuable data

With a code check you quickly collect a lot of valuable data from your target group. You can use this data to enrich your CRM and get to know your target group better by means of, for example, a quiz or sweepstakes.

A code check provides interaction with your brand

By placing a code on your products, you activate your buyers to identify themselves with you. The code check ensures that after entering a valid code, there is a link to the website of your brand.

A code can be a combination of online and offline

By placing a physical code on your products or by issuing a coupon with code upon purchase, you ensure that offline (in-store) buyers also become familiar with your brand online.

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