Conveyor Belt

Online activation

Game perfect for branding

A conveyor belt game is suitable for introducing or promoting a new brand, product or service. Participants must remember your products that come along the conveyor belt (awareness) and put them in the correct order within the time (gamification).

The advantage of the conveyor belt game is that you can process multiple products or services in 1 game. This game takes the participant on average 60 seconds. This way you ensure that the online activation is entirely devoted to your brand.

Do the Online Activation Check

To determine the appropriate online activation for achieving your campaign objective, Red Button Digital is happy to help you with advice, examples and figures. Do the check and know within 2 minutes which online activation is the right choice.


Why a conveyor belt game activation?

A conveyor belt game provides interaction and excitement

Because the participant has to remember your products and put them in the correct order, this adds extra game elements (excitement and interaction) to the online activation. This makes the participation ratio higher and the conversion better.

A conveyor belt game is perfect for branding

You can design the conveyor belt game with your products or services in such a way that the participants are busy with your brand throughout the activation. If you add the ‘fun’ factor, the participant also has a positive experience with your brand.

A conveyor belt game provides valuable data

With a conveyor belt game you collect valuable data from your target group. You can use this data to enrich your CRM and get to know your target group better.



Different product segments

Is the product range extensive and do you want to have several segments for different target groups come along on the conveyor belt? Then you can. We can create a separate version for each segment, containing precisely those products that suit the target group.

Up to 20 products possible

The conveyor belt shows a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 10 products. This number is easy to remember for most participants and thus ensures optimal gameplay. The conveyor belt game makes a random choice from the products available.

Countdown timer

The optional countdown timer provides extra tension when towing the products that have passed on the conveyor belt in sequence. The participant must then have everything in order within the time limit to be in with a chance to win a prize.

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