Photo contest with filters

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Engagement & valuable content

A photo contest is an online activation that is extremely suitable for creating engagement with valuable branded content as output. The participant is involved with your brand, service or product in a fun and interactive way. With our photo contest you have the option to add filters. In addition to filters, we also support expression-based effects. In the demo below you can see that by putting your mouth up and shut.


Photo Contest Options

In order to convert a photo contest, we also offer extra options in addition to a regular photo upload. This makes the photo contest more interactive and the content is even more tailored to your brand.

foto contest AR

Webcam filters

These augmented reality filters are placed over the webcam video. The filters move with the participant. Multiple filters can be added to the webcam. Currently we only support 2D filters.

Webcam photo frame

The webcam image of the participant can be provided with a branded frame. This is a frame on the edge of the webcam image in which we can, for example, process the logo or a photo frame.


Webcam effects

We can associate certain effects (such as snow or falling gifts) with expressions that the participant creates, such as closing the eyes or opening the mouth. This way you make the webcam filter even more interactive.

Do the Online Activation Check

To determine the appropriate online activation for achieving your campaign objective, Red Button Digital is happy to help you with advice, examples and figures. Do the check and know within 2 minutes which online activation is the right choice.


Why a photo upload contest?

A photo contest is ideal for brand experience

With a photo contest, the participant is actively working on your brand, service or product. Especially if you use an augmented reality filter or frame, the participant is challenged to take a cool photo with your brand.

A photo contest provides valuable content

A photo contest provides valuable and fun content that can be incorporated into a social post or PR message, for example.

A photo contest is accessible

Anyone with a tablet, laptop, PC or telephone with a camera can participate in a photo contest. As a participant you do not have to answer any questions and only take a photo, which makes it easy for you to participate.

Insight into your target audience

You can clearly see how your target group is structured through the photos and the extra information that is left behind. It can provide surprising (new) insights into the demographics of your people who are involved with your brand or product.


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