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Interactive and exciting

A scratch card is an interactive form of online activation, where the participant can scratch open one or more scratch cards online. With a scratch card, the price only becomes visible when the participant has scratched open the scratch card. This creates an exciting ‘thrill’ for the participant. An online scratch card activation is very easy to combine with offline, where you link a coupon with QR code to the online scratch card. This way you ensure that offline consumers can be directly linked to online data.


Types of online scratch cards

There are just as many types of online scratch cards as there are printed scratch cards. The big advantage is that you save on printing and it is easier to tap new leads. See some common types of scratch cards below:

Scratch & win

With a scratch card with a single scratch area, the participant only needs to scratch 1 area open. The price below the plane can differ. You can show the prize completely randomly, or with regular regularity and alternate with a ‘unfortunately, nothing won’ result.

Win combination

With a scratch card with a win combination, the participant must scratch open several areas. Only with a certain combination of underlying surfaces is a prize won (for example: scratch 3 stars and win!). The participant spends longer on the scratch card, which means there is a longer interaction with your brand, service or product.

Pick, scratch & win

With a scratch card in which the participant has to make a choice which scratch area will be scratched open, only 1 scratch area may be scratched. With the right choice, the participant wins a prize. The underlying layer of the other 2 scratch surfaces become visible after scratching. In this type, an extra exciting element is added to the scratching, namely that the participant must first make a correct choice for the scratch surface.

Do the Online Activation Check

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Why an online scratch card?

An online scratch card provides valuable data

With a scratch card you collect valuable data from your target group. You can use this data to enrich your CRM and get to know your target group better by means of, for example, a quiz or sweepstakes.

An online scratch card provides interaction and excitement

Because the participant has to make scratches with the mouse or finger for the prize to appear, this adds extra game elements (excitement and interaction) to the online activation. This significantly increases the participation conversion.

An online scratch card saves printing costs

With an online scratch card you save budget for printing. You can spend this savings on media purchasing on social channels, for example. Here you can increase your reach and even attract a new target group.

An online scratch card can be a combination of online and offline

By placing a QR code on your products or by handing in a coupon with code when purchasing, you ensure that offline (shop visitors) buyers can activate your scratch card online, where they can immediately leave their details online. As a thank you, you can link them again with a discount to the webshop.


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