Online Activation

High conversion with gamification

High-end online activation for a fixed price

With the white label online activations from Red Button Digital you can choose from 15 gamification types for a fixed price. This way, you can always make online activation a permanent part of your campaign and you know in advance what it will cost. This way you will not be faced with surprises afterwards.

With every white label online activation, the proven technology is ready and we can integrate any design. The turnaround time is lightning fast and yet you get the quality and safety that you can expect from us.


Overview of white label activations

Quiz icon Quiz
Photo Contest
Photo Contest icon Photo Contest
Conveyor Belt
Conveyor Belt icon Conveyor Belt
Wheel of Fortune
Wheel of Fortune icon Wheel of Fortune
Sweepstake icon Sweepstake
Spot the differences
Spot the differences icon Spot the differences
Shell Game
Shell Game icon Shell Game
Slot Machine
Slot Machine icon Slot Machine
Grab Machine
Grab Machine icon Grab Machine
Click Game
Click Game icon Click Game
Scratch Card
Scratch Card icon Scratch Card
Catch Game
Catch Game icon Catch Game
Priority Puzzle
Priority Puzzle icon Priority Puzzle
Code Check
Code Check icon Code Check
Memory icon Memory

Way of work

Each white label activation is set up through a streamlined 5-step process. This way you know exactly where you stand and you don’t pay too much for overheads and unnecessary communication.

Online Activatie Check

1. Online Activation Check

With the online activation check you can quickly and easily find the online activation that suits your objective. You will not only receive an online activation, but also useful tips for a high conversion and a step-by-step plan to get started right away. Filling in the check will take you 2 minutes.

Run the Online Activation Check

2. Order through our price list

The fixed prices of our white label online activations make it easier for both creative agencies and advertisers to add online activation as standard to the marketing mix. This way you know in advance where you stand and you can easily offer a digital component in every campaign. A white label online activation includes hosting, domain name and admin with statistics and participant export. Via the button below, you will find the current prices of all white label services of Red Button Digital.

Watch the price list

onboarding online activatie

3. Onboarding

Before we can start producing the white label online activation, we need information to get started. Via the form you will find everything we need to set up a converting online activation that meets your expectations. Pay attention; it may seem like a lot, but not everything is mandatory to fill.

Start the onboarding

Data veiligheid en AVG

5. Live and monitoring

As soon as the online activation has been approved, we will put it live. We take care of the hosting, domain name and secure connection for you. We also provide an admin in which you can view, manage and export all processed data of the participants safely and AVG proof. The admin also contains the necessary statistics that give you live insight into your visitors and where they come from. Would you like to know more about how Red Button Digital handles the data we process for you? Then click on the button below

View data security and GDPR

Extra options for an online activation

For a fixed price you can translate your online activation to multiple franchise versions or languages. In addition, we offer several options for boosting online activation through the use of social video, HTML5 banners or a mailing.

Activation in franchise versions
IAB banner set of 6 sizes
HTML email notifications
Social video and images

The 10 points that makes our white label online activations unique

These 10 points make Red Button Digital the number 1 for online activation and gamification.

  1. No recurring license fees. Everything is fixed price, pay as you go.
  2. High-end technical solution, with the convenience of customization for a SaaS price.
  3. Don’t lose valuable time learning a SaaS environment, but get started right away with our onboarding.
  4. Simple 5 step process; from concept to live in a few days.
  5. Lots of freedom in the design, UX and flow of the online activations.
  6. You use the expertise and benchmarks of Red Button Digital for the highest conversion.
  7. Easy to add language and franchise variants to an online activation
  8. Standard with secure admin for statistics and managing and exporting participants
  9. Standard with 3 months of own VPS, domain and SSL per campaign.
  10. Many large agencies and advertisers trust Red Button Digital

High conversion with white label online activation

Curious about the conversion of online activation for your campaign? Run the Conversion Calculator and find the number of participants, newsletter subscriptions, new social followers, donations and extra website traffic within minutes.


Safe management of personal data

We provide the hosting, domain, secure connection and backups for our online activations. With every online activation we provide an admin in which you can view, manage and export all processed data of the participants in a safe and GDPR proof way. The admin also contains statistics that give you direct insight into the participants and visitors.

Do you have specific wishes for the admin, such as a link with a CRM or CPD or exporting participants from certain segments? Then we can almost always take care of that for you.


Request a white label online activation?

Have you made a choice from one of the above types of white label online activations? Then request a quote from us. You will receive this in your e-mail within an hour, so that you can continue. After the quotation, you will receive the information and guides you need to set up a successful online activation.